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Skin Rebirth System


The MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System is our best-selling signature treatment system, designed for all skin types and available for use to treat a wide variety of skin concerns like age spots, acne, poor complexion and dull skin tone. See below for more information.

  • Benefits you can experience from just 2 weeks
  • Whitens uneven skin tone
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Diminishes fine lines & wrinkles
  • Protects skin from UV damage
  • Encourages skin cell growth
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Deep cleanses skin and pores
  • Exofliates skin for better texture
  • Balances pH level of the skin
  • Nourishes skin with botanic extracts
  • Provides potent anti-oxidant effects
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Description

    The MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System is our best-selling signature treatment system, designed for all skin types and available for use to treat a wide variety of skin concerns like age spots, acne, poor complexion and dull skin tone. Available as a 6 pieces set, the Skin Rebirth System consist of everything one might need to embark on a daily skin treatment regime. A daily cleanser (option of normal foaming or sensitive type #1), a pH balancing toner (#2), whitening cream (#3), exfoliating cream (#4), night cream (#5) and sunblock (#6)

  • Contains
    Step # Name Description Size
    1 Cleanser C-Cleanse (Daily Cleanser) or GentleWash (Gentle Cleanser) 240ml
    2 Toner Soothing Splash pH Balancing Toner 240ml
    3 Whitening PureLight alpha Brightening Cream 60ml
    4 Exfoliant LiftOff Exfoliating Cream 60ml
    5 Night Renewal NightLight alpha Renewal & Whitening 60ml
    6 Sunblock SunLight alpha SPF15 with Whitening or Sun Protection Complex SPF40 60ml or 90ml
  • Suitability
    Suitable for normal, acne prone, sensitive, oily, mature skin types
  • Directions

    For guided instructions, please refer to your physician or skin consultant for detailed instructions.

Better Skin from just 2 Weeks

Many mass market products simply just hydrate and nourish the skin, but they don't do much against skin problems like Acne and Hyper-pigmentation. When such products fail to deliver, customers turn to Dermatological products like ours.

Learn more from our Consultants

Your First Step to Better SKin

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Solve, Not Cover Up

Even with cover ups, acne and age spots are visible under foundation. Isn't it time to actually treat the problems?

Multiple Concerns

Skin Rebirth System is effective against Acne, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Dull Skin, Dark Spots, Poor Complexion and Lines.


The Skin Rebirth System adjusts accordingly to your needs. Fast or slow, gentle or strong, the system solves problems with you instead of against you.

Physician's Choice

MD Dermatics is used by Dermatologists and Physicians to help treat their patient's skin concerns.

1 Set, 6 Products, 20+ Benefits

When used as a set, the Skin Rebirth System provides the skin with over 20 benefits that work day and night to keep your skin feeling healthy and looking fresh. Find out what the Skin Rebirth System contains here

1 Daily Cleanser

Choose from either C-Cleanse daily foaming cleanser or GentleWash for dry and sensitive skin. Both cleansers are non-drying and is perfect for day and night use.

2 pH Balancing Toner

Soothing Splash Toner removes dead skin cells and excess oil, while balancing your skin's pH level to allow it to better absorb treatment creams.

PureLight a
3 Signature Whitening

PureLight a's 4 potent whitening actives work overtime to keep melanin from forming, while dispersing already formed melanin to lighten any dark spots or skin tone.

4 Skin Exfoliant

LiftOff promotes the natural process of skin shedding called Desquamation without over-exolifating. Buffered ingredients further promote cell generation.

NightLight a
5 Night Renewal

NightLight a contains 4 powerful whitening actives that work together during rest to lighten dark spots and brighten the skin. NightLight a can be combined with Retinol Enhancer for a stronger approach to skin renewal.

SunLight a
6 Sun Protection

Choose from either SunLight a SPF15 indoor sun protection with whitening or our daily Sun Protection Complex SPF40 with Zinc Oxide.

Skin Rebirth System FAQs

  • Who is suitable for Skin Rebirth System?

    The MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System is suitable for all genders, ages and skin types. The system is customisable by your skin consultants to suit your particular needs and requirements.

  • Is there any contra-indications that I should take note of?

    Your consultant will advise that customers who has just undergone abrasive or ablative treatments like peeling, lasers might show some sensitivity to using the Skin Rebirth System immediately. We will advise to just use the cleanser, toner and sunblock until a few weeks later before embarking on the full program.

  • Are there any adverse reactions ?

    As the Skin Rebirth System encourages accelerated skin renewal and exfoliation, some customers may feel some dryness and redness. This is perfectly normal and should be expected for a minority of customers. This does not represent any allergy or problem with the product. Once tolerance has reached, this minor reaction will go away. Speak to your consultants to find out more.

  • Is it safe to use long term?

    Our products have been used by thousands of patients worldwide with no reported case of safety arising from the continued use of the product. We recommend users of the Skin Rebirth System to stop after 9 months to allow the skin to rest and to prevent tolerance to the ingredients to the system. Speak to your Skin Consultant to find out more.

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